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Wrangell 2.0 Pouch

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4 pockets, 6 slots, 2 ties

The Wrangell 2.0 is the non-dominant side of the Denali 2.0. The Wrangell carries up to 4 types of fasteners in 3 pocket sizes. The top pocket holds tape, chalk, or small fasteners, while you can load the large main pocket and two cascading pockets with larger bulk fasteners, from nails and screws to hardware and wire nuts.

Attachment: Hook and loop system

What Fits: Loose strips or fasteners, speed square, tape or chalk line, hand tools, chisels, punches, pencils

Ideal for: Framers. Remodelers, Commercial Electricians

- Hammer loop
- Butterfly Tool Loops
- Speed ​​square slot
- Pocket divider
- A hammer/flat bar sleeve can be attached

Color: Black l
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