The Mini Sax

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Same as our classic DB Sax, but 25% smaller. The smallest edition of the DB Sax family has just received an update. Mini Sax now features our patented 2-inch Diamondback clip!

The Mini Sax is ideal for small wedges and small bras. It's even the perfect size for a glue bottle, soda bottle, or can. Now, the Mini Sax can easily clip onto your Diamondback belt, strap attachments on Diamondback bags and purses, or our GoPanels and Spines.

The Mini Sax can be attached to any belt, vest or bag with the 2" clip or with the D-ring and carabiner. Unclip the bag and hang it on the wall until you need it again.

Ripstop Skirt
D-ring connection point
2" clip

Color: Green
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Eco friendly
5 year warranty
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