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Ox Pouch 2.0

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2 pockets, 3 tool slots, 1 loop, Speed ​​Square pocket, easy release tape sleeve

The Ox 2.0 is our largest non-dominant bag, a fraternal twin to the Mule 2.0 and half of our complete GRRande 2.0 System. Customers talked and we listened. This new and improved version of our very popular Ox Standard comes with an exterior pocket divider perfect for Trim Square, cell phone or laptop.

The Ox 2.0 provides ample room to carry large bras in its gallon-plus main pocket. The integrated Easy-Release tape case makes carrying and using a tape measure a breeze.

Attachment: Hook and loop system

What Fits: Speed ​​Square, Trim Square, Bulk Fasteners, Large Tape (up to 35'), Punches, Markers/Pencils, Cat's Paw

Ideal for: framers, carpenters, metal workers, commercial electricians

- Easy release tape bag.
- Speed ​​square slot
- Square cutout slot
- Compatible hammer holster and flat bar holster

Color: Black l
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