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Mule Pouch 2.0

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3 pockets, 10 slots, 1 loop, bit index

The Mule, the largest bag in the Diamondback arsenal and the dominant side of our GRRande system, just got an update. That's right, we listened to our customers' feedback to create an improved version of this popular bag.

Mule 2.0 still has the best aspects of the standard Mule, but we've updated and added some key features. The gallon-sized main pocket has a large mouth, making it easy to access even with heavy-duty gloves. It has ample storage space for large tools or even a driver. The main pocket's internal tool slots are built to allow for shorter break-in time. A four-slot driver bit index has been added to the top pocket. A webbing clip has been added to the back of the bag for hanging clip-on DB accessories or storing slim tools.

Attachment: Hook and loop system

What fits: large hand tools, pencils, knife, tape or chalk line, drill/screwdriver, large fasteners

Ideal for: framers, carpenters, metal workers, general contractors

- Open mouth pocket design.
- Hammer loop
- 2 x strap attachment points
- 4-slot bit index
- Compatible with hammer holster or flat bar holster

Color: Black l
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