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Pouch Mallet

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1 pocket, 5 slots

The Mazo is the dominant side bag of the Chopo and Maestro systems. We designed this bag in collaboration with some of our favorite carpenters who do everything from framing to finishing, drywall to installations. (Check out @toolaholic, @modern_oak and @aaronthomasaquinas on Instagram.) The Mallet is designed for the small hand tools you need for detail work, but can also be built and customized with accessories like the 722, Utility Sheath of Nailer Loop at the strap connection points. This is our smallest tool bag.

Attachment: Hook and loop system

What fits: hand tools, scribes, knife, pencils and markers, screwdriver and drill bits

Ideal for: carpenters, framers, remodelers, installers

- 2 external strap attachment points
- 4-Slot Bit/Tool Index
- Square cutout slot
- A hammer/flat bar sleeve can be attached

Color: Black l
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