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Loki Pouch

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2 pockets, 7 tool slots, 1 external tool loop.
Loki is our newest bag. This little guy packs a big punch. The Loki is the smallest Diamondback bag capable of holding a full size Speed ​​Square. The new angled corner design will prevent items from getting stuck in the corners of the pockets. Tool slots are generously sized for large or irregularly shaped hand tools. The Loki is designed for your dominant or non-dominant side. You may just want to get a matching pair!

Attachment: Hook and loop system

What Fits: Speed ​​Square, Strip Fasteners, Glue Bottles, Punches, Chisel, Markers

Ideal for: Trim carpenters, remodelers

- Pocket divider
- Integrated rare earth magnet
- Bit Clip
- External webbing loop to attach accessories
- Rigid webbing strip for hanging measuring tape or accessories
- Compatible with hammer holster/flat bar holster

Color: Black l
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