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Flux Pouch

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2 pockets, 3 internal tool slots, 2 external tool slots, 5-slot bit index

Increasing your efficiency in the workplace means organizing your tools and optimizing your workflow. Can you access the necessary fasteners? Are your tools easy to put on and take off from your tool belt? Do you carry what you need and leave the excess behind?

Introducing the Diamondback Flux. We know the Flux bag can improve your workflow with a streamlined modular design and open-mouth pocket design that makes it easy to store and access tools and fasteners.

If you are an electrician or plumber, you are probably familiar with the type of flux used for soldering. The Diamondback Flux was designed with electricians and plumbers in mind. However, due to the versatile and modular design, the Flux is also equipped to handle trimming, finishing and installation jobs.

What fits: pliers, multimeter, setting square, torpedo level, laser meter, tape measure, line pliers, scissors, wire nuts and fasteners

Ideal for: electricians, HVAC, moldings, finishing, installation

- 5 slot bit index
- Exterior webbing strips for tool or Diamondback accessory attachment
- Compatible with hammer holster/flat bar holster
- DiamondSkin outer shell for structure and durability
- Open pocket design

Color: Black/r
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