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Elias 2.0 Pouch

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4 pockets, 10 slots, 1 loop

The Elias 2.0 is the dominant side bag of The Denali 2.0. It has the most tool slots and dividers of any of our bags. It has a top pocket for tape, chaulk or small fasteners, plus a large main pocket with 6 tool slots and two cascade pockets: the first has an internal divider and the second has a hook and loop cover that can be stored when is not used. There is also a drill/driver attachment on the front and a hammer loop on the back. Choose this bag when you want to carry it all, but stay organized at the same time.

Attachment: Hook and loop system

What fits: many hand tools, screwdrivers/drill, cell phone, drill bits, chalk or tape, pencils, punches

Ideal for: Framers. Remodelers
- Hammer loop
- External strap connection point
- 7-slot drill/tool ​​index
- Covered exterior pocket
- Pocket divider
- A hammer/flat bar sleeve can be attached

Color: Black r
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