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The EDC (Everyday Carry) Pouch is the perfect clip-on accessory for the items you need at all times. The EDC Pouch is made from our durable DiamondSkin and can be worn on your tool belt, 701 vest, pant belt or work pants. It can also be used to expand the interior or exterior storage of any Diamondback Go system bag. Surveyors, estimators, appraisers, contractors or anyone looking for a minimal setup will love the EDC.

The main pocket is large enough to hold small tools, a folding ruler, laser measurer, construction calculator or any size cell phone. The slots on both sides are perfect for pencil, marker or even small tools. A pocket on the front holds two Diamondback x Rite in the Rain notebooks. It is equipped with a slot to hang a tape measure or any clip-on Diamondback accessory.

Prevent items from falling out with a flap that closes securely with hook and loop. Store cover flap for easy access.
Color: Green
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