About Us

ToolmartPro SL was born from the need to expand products related to the world of woodframe in Europe, with the collaboration of two partners, Connor Crook and Sergio Maurel, present in this market for more than 10 years, knowledgeable about it and the different cases of This, they have been creating a catalog of brands and products that are necessary and specialized in this sector after analyzing the market and observing that the competition was not firmly committed to this type of own and necessary products for a specific market in full expansion.

Connor Crook (North Carolina, USA) Owner and CEO of DiamondBack Toolbelts, a company dedicated to the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of tool belts for the construction industry and Sergio Maurel (Barcelona, ​​Spain) business owner with more than 18 years of experience. seniority, specialized in the construction of houses with a wooden structure and extensive knowledge in the residential construction sector; Knowing both the market and its own needs and the existing business niches in the European community, they decided to launch ToolmartPro.

The company was born as an online store that is currently developing its website, introducing the products and brands that have decided to join the project. The acquisition of a space is planned where not only the products will be sold in a traditional store format but also a part will be used as a showroom for the presentation, exhibition and creation of tutorials, videos and presentation images of all types of premium products related to the sector.